Certifications Engineer Civil Engineering, Engineer Surveying Geo-Spatial Information, Engineer Applied Geology, Engineer Urban Planning, Engineer Ocean Engineering, Engineer Ocean Resources Development, Engineer Ocean Environment, Industrial Engineer Ocean Survey, Engineer Mining Hazard Prevention Reclamation, etc.

After Graduation Energy Resource Engineer goes a variety of fields such as land development, Oil &Gas exploration, Underground Water development, Gas Hydrate exploration, CO2 Storage, National Land Development, Oil Exploration and Development, Underground water Development.Underground Space Development for Energy Resources Storage and Atomic Waste Treatment relevant to human being, Oil and Mineral Resources Development, Relevant ocean and all kinds of exploration government organizations(Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Ministry of Education · Science and Technology), Research Center(Korea Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources, Korea Ocean Research &Development Institute, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institutes), Public Corporation(Korea Expressway Corporation, Korea National Oil Corporation, Korea Water Resources Corporation, Korea Rural Corporation, Korea Resources Corporation), Private corporation(Construction and Civil company, Oil company, Underground water company).