Electromagnetic Lab (Prof. Hee Joon Kim)

 Electric resistivity
 Electromagnetic and magnetotelluric
 Ground-penetrating radar

3-D resistivity images)

(GPR depth slices)

 Sediment Acoustic Lab (Prof. Dae Choul Kim)

 High resolution marine geophysical survey
 Correlations between sound velocity and related properties of marine sediment
 Physical and acoustic properties of shelf sediments

(Side Scan Sonar)

(Shallow gas
sampling from cores)
(Operation of ROV (Remotely-Operated Vehicle) system)

 Seismic Exploration Lab (Prof. Young Sae Kong)

 Shallow seismic survey using refraction tomography
 Seismic reflection method for shallow geological structures of sedimentary rocks
 High resolution seismic reflection method using s-wave
(Seismic data acquisition) (3-D seismic images)

 Geo-environmental Engineering Lab (Prof. Tae Chin Cho)

 Shear behavior of rough joint
 Stability of cut slopes with excavation induced tension cracks
 Prediction of potential block formation around the underground openings

Slope Stability Analysis (RoSA Slope)

(Rock Testing System)

 Petroleum Basin Analysis Lab (Prof. Kwang Hoon Lee)


 Petroleum basin analysis
 Seismic exploration for oil and gas
 Gas hydrate


(Burning gas hydrate)

(3-D display of seismic
and well data)

(3-D display of reservoir horizon)

 Rock Engineering Lab (Prof. Jeong-Gi Um)

 Rock mass fracture characterization
 Rock slope stability and hazard management
 Statistical and probabilistic modeling in geo-engineering

(In situ measurements)

(Investigation of
rock slope stability)

(Site characterization of
underground rock masses)

 Environmental Hydrogeology Lab (Prof. Sookyun Wang)

 Assessing environmental effects in the subsurface due to the geological sequestration of CO2
 Numerical modeling on dynamics of solutes and water in wetland sediments
 Characterizing biogeochemical mechanisms of contaminant transport in subsurface environments

(Contaminant transport modeling)

(Enhanced Oil Recovery with
CO2 storage)

(Geological CO2 Sequestration)